There is a growing concern about what goes on our skin daily. BMA offers products you can trust. All natural, effective and healing. See for yourself!

I met an Apothecary soon after I gave birth to my first child in the Appalachian Mountains almost 40 years ago. She opened my eyes to the healing plants growing wild in my yard that I taught myself to use in the healing of my children for the usual childhood ailments. When the herbs weren't enough I thanked the doctors for being there when I needed them but for the most part I sought natural alternative routes to bring health to my children. They are all grown now and very health too! I have also studied nutrition and learned that there is no such thing as neutral food. Food either builds health or tears it down. Skin care and personal care items, the same thing. So I have cooked up  products my children, grandchildren, friends and myself have used for years. The lye soaps first, then lotion bars and moisturizers and lately the deodorant and pain relieving arnica salve. These products are gluten free, contain no preservatives, only ingredients you can pronounce. No man made anything. They are affordable and effective. I want to help as many as I can.
 I will also custom make items for you if you have a specific sensitivity or skin problem I can help with.

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